Month: November 2018

SEO Article Submission

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This article talks about how to use Article Submission to get traffic to your website. A huge list of SEO Article submission websites follows.

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So you have a website. You worked on it for a long time and it looks real nice. Now you are ready to do business on the Internet! Only one thing … Read the rest

How Your Light Fitting Could Save You Money!

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Most people know that the increase in energy that we are consuming, coupled with the many other activities we enjoy daily, are starting to take their toll on the Earth’s environment. However, making your home more environmentally friendly can be costly and can mean making drastic changes to your lifestyle. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.

The average light fitting in the home contains a bulb which runs off your electricity supply. These vary in … Read the rest

Roofing Underlayment

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Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is the second layer protection that is essential to a roofing system. It provides protection from moisture and other elements that is detrimental to the roof’s life span. A growing number of homeowners are now conscious of the right roofing underlayment for their roofing system. Felt, synthetics, and self-adhering ice-and-water barriers … Read the rest

Send Real Paper Greeting Cards To Build Business And More

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Most businesses spend a huge amount of time and money looking for NEW customers. We advertise, make phone calls, even travel cross country for meetings, all in the pursuit of the ever elusive stream of new customers.

What we’re probably forgetting is that up to 80 percent of our sales growth can and should come from PAST customers. People who have bought from you … Read the rest

How Vacuum Cleaners Work

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The are many different types of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning machines but they all work by using the same principal or idea. A vacuum is created in a tube or system and air is drawn into the system through a filter which catches debris and then the air is diffused from the unit out of an exhaust.

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